In 2005, my husband and I fulfilled a dream by buying an established Macadamia Farm on the South Coast of Kwa-zulu Natal.

    • The farm size is 42 hectares with approx. 8300 Macadamia Trees of various Hawaian varieties. 
    • Our trees currently yield between 120-140 tons of nut in shell which equates to approximately 40-50 tons of kernel per annum.
    • Macadamia Nuts are graded according to size and approx. 80% of our crop is export quality Style 0, 1 &2.
    • We were awarded the “Best Quality Nuts in Kwazulu Natal” in 2007 by Greenfarms Nut Company.


    • Early in 2008 we formed a company (MAC-EDEN ESTATE (PTY) LTD) with Directors Terry Dore (M.D) and Perry Webb.
    • In this year we built our own processing plant so as to be able to process the nuts on-site and to be able to manufacture & wholesale various value-added products.
    • We  recently took on a third share-holder, Eric Davies (Factory Manager) incorporating an additional 44 hectares to ensure a continuous supply of nuts.  .
    • We anticipate being able to process in excess of 350 tons of nut in shell by 2009.


    • To supply our Local and International markets with a variety of unique and outstanding quality Macadamia Nut Products
    • South Africa has become a major world producer of macadamia nuts, and our vision is for locals to have ready access to good quality macadamia nuts, and for tourists to want our Mac-products, just as Hawaii and Australia are known for theirs.
    • To encourage manufacturers in the baking industry to consider using macadamia nuts in products such as biscuits, cereals, muffins, chocolates etc.
    • To invest and provide work opportunities for those in our local community
    • To establish healthy long-term relationships with our clients